Infographic explaining Everbean's Give Love Get Love community initiative.



Many businesses have built-in customer loyalty rewards program. Grocery stores promote sales with a point system. Coffee shops stamp punch cards to give out a free coffee when the card is full. Such are the general norm of indirectly giving out discount to attract more business. At Everbean, we believe in offering good value to our guests by serving good products with care at fair price. We feel strongly that good community is the foundation of good business. 

Therefore, we are introducing a new perspective on the loyalty reward system. Coffee is habit forming, be it for the caffeine or for the taste, or both. What if we serve up good coffee and at the same time, channel some goodness into local charities fueled by people‚Äôs existing coffee habits?  Instead of collecting stamps to get a free drink, how about collecting good vibes to pass on within the community? 

Buying a cup of coffee can go beyond the simple give and take of business transaction. In making a purchase of a latte (or any espresso-based beverage) as part of a daily ritual, the customer is involved in supporting a local charity of his/her choice. Enjoying a well crafted drink becomes a small act of strengthening the local community. Making a purchase with no added costs to the customer becomes a continuous fundraising source for our local charities in need. Give and take and give becomes a cycle of goodness within our community. Our Give Love Get Love Gift and Loyalty card works in three ways: Be good to yourself (earn yourself a free drink by redeeming 10 points); be kind to others (pass on your free drink as a Suspended Coffee posted on our column for anyone who may need a drink); be supportive of your local charities (choose one from our three selected beneficiaries - Peace Arch Hospital Foundation, Sources Food Bank, and BC SPCA - we will donate $5 to your chosen charity when you redeem 20 points.) Ask to join our initiative when you stop in for an amazing latte!